Preparatory Works on the Construction of Blok 7 of the Tuzla Thermal Power Plant officially started


Preparatory works on the construction of Blok 7 of the Tuzla Thermal Power Plant officially started on Friday, was confirmed by the Executive Director for Capital Investments of Elektroprivreda BiH Senad Salkic.

The value of the preparatory works is 17.9 million BAM, excluding VAT.

Salkic explained that the construction of Blok 7 will represent the largest economic driving force in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This is the biggest energy potential for Bosnia and Herzegovina since 1988, when the last thermal power block was built in Kakanj. A few hours ago, the contractors have been officially introduced to the construction site. We expect intensive preparation in the next 12 months,” Salkic explained.

In 2025, Block 7 should be an energy facility that will be put into the operation within the energy system in BiH.

Salkic explained that it is planned to significantly reduce coal consumption and that everything is done according to EU environmental standards and regulations. Block 7 will preserve existing jobs, and will lead to new jobs creation.

Block 7 will replace Blocks 3, 4 and 5 in the Tuzla TPP, which are to be shut down in 2023 and whose total capacity is 500 MW. The capacity of the new block will be 450 MW.

The entire Block 7 construction project, estimated at 1.5 billion KM, should be completed by the end of 2024.

Both houses of the FBiH Parliament approved in March and April this year, respectively, the proposed decision for the Federation of BiH to provide guarantees to Elektroprivreda BiH for a loan from the Export-Import Bank of China for the construction of Block 7, Federal News Agency reports.


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