Princess Camilla thrilled with Bosnian Pyramids: I felt a strong energy!

Bosnian Pyramids on Daily Star radiosarajevo.baArchduchess of Austria and Princess of Tuscany Camilla Habsburg last week visited the area of the underground labyrinth and archaeological park Ravne in Visoko.

As said from the Foundation of Semir Osmanagic, Austrian Archduchess was thrilled with Bosnian pyramids.

“I am very impressed, and I felt a strong energy inside the tunnel, and I am planning to come back, and visit all of this in detail. I hope that the Foundation will have the opportunity to further research, and I wish them success in this project,” said Camilla Habsburg.

Otherwise, Semir Osmanagic held a very successful lectures in the past in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the countries from which come a large number of tourists to Visoko.

“The beginning of the next year is “reserved” to promote the discovery in Turkey, which will be followed by the promotion and lectures in several cities of the United States. The Foundation is working very hard in order for this story to be current during all 12 months and not to make any breaks, either in work or promotion of this significant archaeological and tourist project,” said Osmanagic, who hosted guests from Austria.


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