Process of Registration of NGO’s in Parliamentary Register Began

civilsocietyToday in the FBIH Parliament the process of registration of including civil society organizations in the legislative process and creating a parliamentary registration of non-profit organizations will begin.

The Parliamentary Register of NGO’s is being created in cooperation with the FBIH Parliament with the Association for Democratic Initiative of Sarajeov and USAID’s project of strengthening parliament in BiH, which enabled the production of software application for this database.

Registration in the Parliamentary Register of NGO’s would enable civil society organizations from the entire country to have key information on their fields of interest and activities be located in the parliamentary database.

Representatives and officials of the FBIH Parliament in this way could be able to know which organizations they could specifically ask for cooperation in the preparation of laws, organizing public debates and similar activities, and in accordance with the recommendations of the Council of Europe and Procedure of both houses of the FBiH Parliament.

(Source: Klix)

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