Project Wider: 2.5 million EUR for cooperation and innovation in energy sector

solunLast week, Thessaloniki was the host of the first meeting of partners of the project ‘Establishing Small and Medium Companies “Green growing of SMEs: Innovation and development in the energy sector in MED area” (WIDER), reports Fena.

The project is realized as a part of the EU Mediterranean Program (MED) and it worth 2.5 million EUR.

Having in mind that birth rate in Europe is decreasing and the number of people over 65 is increasing, the project will try to give solutions for numerous social changes and challenges that the aging population brings. The focus of the project is intended to promote so called environmentally smart apartments that allow independent living to older people in seven partner countries of the Mediterranean.

At the meeting, which was organised by Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki, the current situation of regions was presented and they agreed the manner in which the project activities will be implemented.

The leading partner of the project is SVIM- Sviluppo Marche SpA- Development Agency of Marche from Italy and Sarajevo Regional Development Agency – SERDA is the project partner from BiH.

Other project partners come from France, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Slovenia, said SERDA.

(photo: wikipedia)

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