Success: Klas Ltd. to repurchase 1.000 Tons of Raspberries this Year

Klas Raspberries biznis.baThe BH food industry Klas Joint Stock Company (JSC) Sarajevo will buy 1.000 tons of raspberries from the domestic cooperants this year.

The raspberries are arriving daily from the localities of Bosanska Krajina, Kiseljak, Visoko, Donji and Gornji Vakuf, Busovača, Vitez, Travnik, Novi Travnik, Bugojno, the surroundings of Sarajevo, and other areas in B&H.

After the project of repurchasing raspberries last year ended to the satisfaction of the producers, the number of cooperants increased to 800 this year. The biggest influx of raspberries is expected these days due to peak of the season.

‘’The repurchase goes according to the plan. The weather forecast is in our favor. The payment is made immediately upon receiving the yield to the freezer. The raspberry quality is excellent. Thanks to Klas and the project which was developed 15 years ago, today in B&H we have one serious approach to growing of this highly appreciated fruit on the world market. The total potentials are far greater, and we will work on increasing the capacities. This year we have increased the volume of repurchase by 50 percent’’, said Esad Babić, the head of the sector for repurchase of raspberries, berries and wild fruit in the company Klas JSC Sarajevo.

The capacity of the Klas freezer in Blažuj near Sarajevo is over 1.000 tons. Last year, 665 tons of raspberries were repurchased and nearly complete repurchase was exported to the German, Turkish, Japanese, French and Scandinavian market with the highest grades for the top quality of Klas raspberries.

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