Prosecutor’s Offices of BiH and Croatia signed Cooperation Agreement

BiH Hrvatska1By Nevena Šarenac

BiH Head Prosecutor Goran  Salihović and Croatian State Attorney Mladen Bajić signed today in Sarajevo the Cooperation Protocol on Prosecuting War Criminals,  Crimes against Humanity and Genocide between BiH Prosecutor’s Office and Croatian State Attorney’s Office.

The Protocol was signed the building of the EU Delegation to BiH, and Head of the EU Delegation to BiH Peter Sorensen attended as well, who said that prosecuting war crimes in Western Balkans is one of the key priorities in the context of the EU integrations.

‘Signed Protocol will improve efficiency of investigations and will reduce the backlog.’, said Sorensen.

According to him, the implementation of the Protocol, with the help of the EU, will help in prosecuting cases of war crimes and it will contribute to the reconciliation process in the region.

The  Protocol was signed on the basis of already existing bilateral cooperation agreements in civil and criminal matters between BiH and Croatia.

It is not an interstate agreement, because it was agreed between POs as a sign of the will to exchange information and evidence between each other in order to prosecute criminals, which is the most important for the victims.

Salihović noted that this protocol represents the continuation of regional cooperation, because similar protocol was signed with Serbia and it is already being implemented and he expressed the hope that a similar protocol will be signed with Montenegro as well.

‘No one has the right to manipulate with victims and not to bring criminals before the court’, said Salihović and thanked colleagues from Croatia, the US Embassy, and the EU, who supported the signing of this agreement.

Bajić said that the signing of this protocol is a sign of good will of both POs, but each PO is the owner of its cases noting that this protocol will make POs more efficient in prosecuting war criminals.

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