Protests of Dissatisfied Workers in Tuzla

tuzla_protestRepresentatives of the Trade Union organizations of former economic giants Dita, Konjuh, Guming, Polihem and Poliolechem factories, and the Facebook group ’50.000 people on the streets for a better tomorrow’, representatives of the Association of Unemployed of Tuzla Canton, retirees and citizens began a protest today in Tuzla, where they blocked the entrance to the Court and Prosecutor’s Office of Tuzla Canton. Afterwards, they headed towards the building of the government of Tuzla Canton, where protests continued.

Employees asked the judge of the Cantonal Court to implement a final judgement, and to accelerate other cases brought forward by the workers. They are demanding from the Tuzla Canton government for a one-time payment in the amount of 500 BAM, to secure employment status and provide the right to treatment.

‘’We are not guilty that companies do not work. We are asking them to preserve 1.000 jobs in Dita and Konjuh, but they do not respond to our requests’’, said representatives of disgruntled workers.

Dissatisfied with the work of the Tuzla Canton, at one moment workers tried to enter the building and it led to a confrontation with the police. Around 1.000 citizens blocked the entire lower part of the city, and threw rocks and eggs at the Tuzla Canton government, set fire to rubber tires and containers, and this was followed by an intervention by the police in order to disband the protestors. The Emergency Department of the Tuzla Health Center said that they have 10 people who were injured during the protests, which include a boy who suffered head injuries while returning home from school.

After police intervention, protestors began to group again near the Tuzla Canton government building, and sent a message to the Prime Minister, ministers and civil servants that they would not allow them to go home at the end of the working day. Members of the special police unit are securing the main and other entrances to the building of the Tuzla Canton government.

The government of the Tuzla Canton issued a statement in which it said that its hands are tied for solving the problems of workers of these companies. Courts are involved in the process of bankruptcy, and courts issue judgments on cases. Nevertheless, the government is ready to be engaged in the search for a solution, while respecting the principles of social sensitivity, as well as the rule of law.

(Source: Fena/Klix)

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