What will be built on the Memorial Center on Žuč?

Memorial Center Žuč source.baThe best conceptual design of the Memorial Center Žuč was created by the professors Emir and Hamdija Salihović. They are the authors of an urban-architectural-landscape project, and their vision of the future memorial center was elected as the best after the completed application procedure.

“Construction of the Memorial Center Žuč is one of 11 subprojects being implemented by the Ministry for Veterans Affairs of the Sarajevo Canton in the framework of the Project ‘Opsada i odbrana Sarajeva u periodu od 1992. do 1995. godine’ (‘The siege and defense of Sarajevo in the period from 1992 to 1995’)”, said the Minister for Veterans Affairs of the Sarajevo Canton Muharem Fišo.

Fišo emphasized that the Commission for the selection of the best conceptual design of the future Memorial Center did a good job and selected the project which will enable the reconstruction of all battles fought on the Žuč hill thanks to its organization and settings.

The Commission was composed of representatives from relevant Cantonal ministries and institutes, Memorial Fund, three municipalities, and the Association of architects and the Faculty of Architecture. According to the Minister, the project will soon be presented to the general public.

“This is a complex project which, among other things, foresees the construction of a monument in the shape of a stylized bird as a symbol of freedom. Apart from the monument, also planned is the construction of the museum of the battle on Žuč, polyvalent hall, cinema hall, flower shop, as well as a square where several thousands of people will be able to gather during the marking of important dates for the defense of Žuč”, stated the author Emir Salihović.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo source)

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