Quint Countries issued a Statement regarding the Situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina


At the request of Deutsche Welle (DW), the German Foreign Ministry has published a joint statement by the Quint countries – the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Germany, concerning the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The German Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that “the German government supports Bosnia and Herzegovina as a stable and functioning country that respects the rule of law and its territorial integrity. A central stabilizing factor is a compliance with the provisions of the Dayton Peace Agreement and all its aspects.”

It emphasizes that “secessionist rhetoric, as well as blockades or ultimatums, hamper the progress of the country. Bosnia and Herzegovina needs functioning institutions in order to advance on its reform path towards the European Union and achieve economic integration. In this respect, the rule of law is a key element, with the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina being the central institution.”

It further says that “given the challenges facing Bosnia and Herzegovina, international judges in the BiH Constitutional Court, appointed by the President of the European Court of Human Rights, in accordance with the Constitution, continue to have an important role.”

“The decisions of the Constitutional Court of BiH are final and binding, as it is stated in the Constitution of the country. In view of this, we consider Milorad Dodik’s decisions to block the work of Bosnian institutions and to question the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, very detrimental to the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its approximation to the European Union,” it is said in a joint statement by the Quint countries forwarded to Deutsche Welle by the German Foreign Ministry, Fena reports.


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