Radoncic: I’m not guilty, the Process will prove

12048728_1740814449488565_1957626407_nLeader of the Alliance for a Better Future (SBB) and former Minister of Security of B&H, Fahrudin Radoncic, has now, before the Court, pleaded not guilty to the offenses he is charged with in the indictment, which was confirmed on the 15th of February by the Court.

Today at the hearing, Radoncic said in a short address to the court, that he understood what he is charged with and pleaded not guilty.

“The procedure will show the imagination and tendentiousness of the prosecutor and I am confident that the process will prove that I am not guilty,” said Radoncic.

Before the plea hearing, Radoncic’s lawyer Asim Crnalic asked the judge Minka Kreho to consider the possibility of abolishing the custody and the information on the alleged illegal activities of SIPA while Radoncic was treated in CCUS (Clinical Center University of Sarajevo).

The main trial in this case should be held within 30 days.

Radoncic should have pleaded of his guilt on the 11th of March, when the hearing was held at which Bakir Dautbasic, Bilsena Sahman and Zijad Hadzijahic pleaded not guilty.

To recall, the Court of B&H confirmed on the 15th of February 2016 the indictment charging the accused Fahrudin Radoncic for the crimes of conspiracy to commit criminal offenses, the crime of obstruction of justice and the criminal offense of giving awards or other forms of benefits for trade in influence.

(Source: N. N./Klix.ba)

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