Representatives of the European Movement in BiH to participate in 15th Europe Salzburg Forum


Representatives of the European Movement in BiH will take part in the 15th Europe Salzburg Forum organized by the Institute of the Region of Europe from October 6-8 in Salzburg.

This year, with the participation of eminent guests, the Forum is being held under the title “Europe and Peace 1919-1989—2019”.

This is one of the few international conferences where, in addition to English and German, the official and working language of the forum and the language of the people of the Balkans is a significant indicator of how much, sensibility, importance and attention organizers approach to the importance and importance of addressing open issues in this part of Europe and our , traditionally “problematic” regions, according to the European Movement in BiH.

A panel discussion on the Balkans has been one of the most important events in the Salzburg forum a few years back.  The delegation of the European Movement in BiH, at this year’s forum, is led by the President Predrag Prastalo.

Representatives of Brcko District, cantons, local communities and representative offices in Austria will take part in the forum.



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