Rowing Center in Prozor: Rama Lake became a Real Paradise for Rowers (Gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] Rama Lake became a very interesting rowing destination since the ‘Rowing Centre’ was built through the project of cross-border cooperation of the Municipality Prozor-Rama and Vrlika from Croatia.

Numerous selections and rowers are preparing for important international competitions on this lake.

Several teams of the National team of Croatia are having their preparations on Rama Lake, and they will compete in several categories at the World Championships in Rotterdam that will be held from the 21st to 28th of August.

Mladen Marinovic, an assistant professor at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split and assistant of the coach Srecko Suka (who is currently at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro), is the leader of the team that is preparing on Rama Lake.

Marinovic said that they got really comfortable on Rama Lake.

“The conditions are great when it comes to sleeping, food and distance of the place. It is especially important for us that the water is excellent. The center is very quiet which is very important for rowers since they can fully concentrate on a performance at the World Championship in non-Olympic disciplines,” said Marinovic, who hopes that the success of brothers Sinkovic and Damir Martin at the Olympic Games will help to rise rowing to a higher level.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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