Rusmir Hrvic: AS GROUP is one of the Drivers of Economic Development of BiH

hrvicIn today’s great competitiveness of companies, it is important that managers of your company are positioned in an ideal workplace where every one of them want to work and progress, and that is the way how to attract potential employees with strong qualifications, responsibility and willingness to work, what is the most important precondition for progress of the company.

How many employees are working in your company at the moment?

“AS GROUP currently employs about 3,300 workers. We operate under three divisions: food production, trade and garment industry. AS Group consists of nine companies: AS Ltd. Jelah, Klas Ltd. Sarajevo, Vispak Ltd. Visoko, Oaza Ltd., Sprind Ltd. Sarajevo, Mill and bakery Ljubace, Napredak Ltd Tesanj, Fortitudo Ltd. Travnik, Vemal Ltd Tesanj,” said Rusmir Hrvic, CEO of “AS GROUP”.

Are you planning new employments by the end of the year of 2016 and to what extent? Were you employing new staff in the first half of 2016 and in what number?

“This year, we are recording continued fluctuation of personnel. There are departures from companies, retirement, but we are receiving new employees in various positions from leadership to work in production at the same time too. These days we also received workers for processing raspberries. All in all, the number of workers is at the same level or even slightly increased.

Can you find the staff at the labor market of BiH who have the necessary knowledge and skills to do their job, or the company needs to further educate employees?

The labor market in BiH is not developed sufficiently in that sense. Thus, we are forced to develop models to educate employees within the company. We regularly conduct the so-called internal training and external training. In this sense, we cooperate with domestic and foreign universities, eminent experts in certain fields, as well as companies that are specialized in providing education.

How much is an employer brand and overall care for employees important for attracting new and retaining existing staff?

In our opinion, brand is crucial for attracting new and retaining existing staff. Our brand is constantly improving, and we are recording great interest of personnel who would like to join our teams in all nine companies, and thus identify with our brand.

What would you emphasize as the most important advantage of your company when it comes to treatment of employees, what is that you do different from other employers?

We are aware that people make the company. Our concern for every human being is in the first place. Our employees feel that. First of all, opportunity for advancement, fair, honest, and human relationship are precisely what attracts others to join us. Otherwise we would not be able to have such fast and stable growth and development. I would recall that in only 20 years, from three employees we have grown into a respectable company that employs 3,300 excellently motivated and trained professionals.



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