She said yes: Magical Proposal in Bijeljina

proposalyoung Milena from Bijeljina, student of Faculty of Education, can say that she really found her prince.

In the romantic and almost magical proposal, Stanko Mitrovic, who is also from Bijeljina, rode on horseback and asked for the hand of his princess before many enthusiastic passers-by, and their friends.

“Milena and I are in a relationship for about 20 months. She came to the celebration of a college degree, and she had no idea that I would ask her to marry me. I came to this idea because I work as a riding instructor, and my love for nature and horses made me ask for her hand as knights did for their princesses long time ago. Milena is my princess, and I made this surprise for her,” said Stanko Mitrovic, adding that she was shocked and very surprised, as everything looked so surreal to her, and he felt her heart pounding when they hugged.

He was planning this proposal for more than a month. He said to Milena that he will come to the party in ethno village, and asked her to wait for him in front of the restaurant. She could not even imagine what would happen later on.

Stanko approached Milena on a horseback, kneeled in front of her, took out the engagement ring, and asked her to marry him.

Milena said yes, and after he gave her the engagement ring, they continued with a celebration in the restaurant, and she will definitely remember this evening forever, as reported by InfoBijeljina.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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