Salaries to Miners to be increased soon?


The management of Public Electricity Company Elektroprivreda , at a session held on Tuesday, January 21st in Sarajevo, agreed to increase the hourly rate for miners from 2.50 to 2.70 BAM, was confirmed for Dnevni Avaz from this state-owned company.

As explained, it was agreed that these funds should be secured from the ordered reorganization of the coal mine, not from an increase in the price of coal.

This means that the miners employed in the seven mines of the Group will have their salaries increased by 8.0 percent, which will require an annual allocation of around 15 million BAM and it will be implemented from March 1st this year.

The administration initially refused to approve the increase on Monday, but on Tuesday morning the situation changed. These are the demands of miners through the new Collective Agreement.



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