Sale of Individual Tickets for SFF started on Friday

Sale of individual tickets started on Friday at 10:00 hrs at the main box office of the 24th Sarajevo Film Festival (Bosnian Culture Center Sarajevo).
You can also still buy tickets online.
For the list of films, please click here.
Main Box Office (Bosanski kulturni centar), Branilaca Sarajeva 24
Meeting Point Cinema, Hamdije Kreševljakovića 13
Multiplex Cinema City, Trg djece Sarajeva
Art Cinema Kriterion / House of Shorts, Obala Kulina bana 2
Main Box Office – every day: 10:00 – 19:00
Main Box Office – every day: 09:00 – 22:00
Meeting Point Cinema – every day: 11:00 – 23:00
Multiplex Cinema City – every day: 11:00 – 22:00
Art Cinema Kriterion – every day: one hour ahead of the screening
Novi Grad Cinema – every day: one hour ahead of the screening
Novi Grad Open Air Cinema – every day: one hour ahead of the screening
MMC – Ilidža Cinema – every day: one hour ahead of the screening
Raiffeisen Open Air Cinema:  opening night – 15.00 KM, other screenings – 10.00 KM
Meeting Point Cinema: 5.00 KM, 6.00 KM, 7.00 KM
National Theatre: opening night – 15.00 KM, award ceremony – 20.00 KM,
other screenings -5.00 KM, 6.00 KM, 8.00 KM
Multiplex Cinema City: 4.00 KM, 5.00 KM, 7.00 KM
Sarajevsko Summer Screen: all screenings – 7.00 KM
Art Cinema Kriterion / House of Shorts: 5.00 KM
Sarajevo Youth Theatre / House of Youth: 4.00 KM
Novi Grad Cinema: 3.00 KM
Novi Grad Open Air Cinema: 5.00 KM
MMC – Ilidža Cinema: 3.00 KM i 5.00 KM
VAT included in all the prices 

• Tickets will be available on-line only via the official SFF web site
• On-line ticket sales open on July 30, 2018 at 15:00
• The maximum number of tickets to be purchased per screening is four (4)
• MasterCard and VISA payment is available via the Raiffeisen Bank BH
   e-pay system
• If you pay with Raiffeisen card you get 30% cash back
When you choose Print@Home service, tickets will be sent via e-mail, within a few minutes of your purchase. You will receive 2 e-mails. The first will confirm your order and the second e-mail will include the attachment with your tickets. Each ticket contains a unique barcode that will allow access to the event. Just print your Print@Home tickets and show them at the entrance of the venue for the screening you purchased tickets.
Each ticket should be printed on standard A4 paper and can be printed in color or black and white, and treated like any other ticket. For your security, Print@Home tickets are individually bar coded. The barcode allows one scan per entry so any attempts to duplicate, alter or sell any copies of the Print@Home ticket may result in admittance being refused to the event.
Be aware, if copies or duplicates of tickets are made, only the first reaching the entry point will be valid while others will be rejected.
To ensure that you receive the e-mail containing your tickets, please be sure that you have added to your approved spam filter list.
• Individual tickets will be available starting from August 3, 2018
  at 10:00
• The maximum number of tickets to be purchased per screening is four (4)
• Tickets may be paid in cash and MasterCard and VISA
• Tickets may be paid in the national currency only
  (Convertible Mark – KM/BAM)
In case of rain, the Festival organiser will make an official announcement (via the official web page and social networks) on relocation of screenings from outdoor to indoor cinemas. If such an announcement is made prior to the screening, the scheduled screening time remains the same. In case of rain during the screening, the screening will then continue in a designated indoor cinema 30 minutes following the relocation announcement.
• Raiffeisen Open Air Cinema moves to KSC Skenderija;
• Sarajevsko Summer Screen moves to Sarajevo Youth Theatre
• Novi Grad Open Air Cinema moves to Novi Grad Cinema

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