Samardzic: This is One of the greatest Results in my Career

Aleksandra Samardzic won a silver medal at the World Judo Championship U21 that was held in Zagreb, and she is proud of one of the greatest results in her career so far.

On the occasion of the silver medal, Aleksandra Samardzic and Arijana Jaha, the General Secretary of the Judo Federation of BiH and one of the coaches of women judo team, addressed the public at a press conference.

Aleksandra stated that this silver medal from Zagreb represents one of the greatest results in her career and she is particularly pleased with the fact that she competed in the most massive category.

“This result is definitely one of the biggest in my career, if not the biggest one. I came to this results through victories over the representatives of Italy, Germany, Kosovo, and Brazil, and I was defeated by the representative of Germany in the finals. I was leading at the beginning of that match, but I lost the chance to win the gold medal after a minor mistake. I am very pleased with this result because my category was one of the biggest and strongest in this championship,” stated Aleksandra Samardzic.

After that, Arijana Jaha, who was the assistant coach in Zagreb, also addressed the public.

“I am very proud of Aleksandra’s result, she gave her maximum and she was concentrated in every fight. She had the advantage in the final fight, but she lost control at one point and when her opponent took over the initiative, we lost the opportunity to win a gold medal. Since Aleksandra Samardzic is going out of the junior competition this year, this great medal will stay for history,” said Jaha.

Aleksandra Samardzic owns ten European medals in different age categories and she is also the holder of the Olympic Silver Medal for youth from 2014.

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