Sarajevo Airport to be expanded for 10,000 Square Meters soon?

The Administration of the International Airport Sarajevo will sign a contract on the realization of one of the most important airport development projects, which is the extension and modernization of Terminal B and the construction of a business facility.

The project of extension of Terminal B is one of the most demanding infrastructure projects and the most important investment project for the International Airport Sarajevo in the amount of 31.000.000 BAM.

“With this project, we will expand the spatial and operational capacities of Terminal B for additional 10,000 square meters on four floors (S, P, I and II floor), additional 12 register counters, we will increase the number of exits, the main hall space, luggage collection space, KDZ control, DFS, commercial zone and premises, and the CIP salon. The planned realization of the project is in 24 months,” said Alan Bajic, the Executive Director for Development of the Airport.

The project “Business Facility for OPC and Personnel” is equally important to the airport, because the operational center has crucial importance for the operation of each airport. The value of this project is estimated at 6,000,000 BAM.

“We have to emphasize that these projects are only part of projects that we realized in the last two years or that are in the final phase of realization. Some of the final projects are the optimization of spatial capacities of the terminal building, the reconstruction of parking spaces for airplanes 3, 4 and 5, reconstruction of central rain collector on the platform of planes, reconstruction of wastewater and rainwater network, the construction of ‘Cooling Chamber’. Moreover, the facility ‘Terminal A’ was removed and we prepared construction site for two buildings, three temporary facilities for operational and administrative staff and a restaurant were constructed, we performed replacement of part of the avio-navigation lighting system by using advanced and energy-efficient technology, we constructed parking platform for the additional fuel distributor Jet A1 as well as storage facilities for ‘Rush Baggage’, we implemented new system for registration of passengers, luggage and airplane balancing, and we constructed protective structures for cargo and freight carriages,” noted Bajic.

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