Sarajevo City Hall in the Colors of the Flags of Belgium and Turkey

12900072_1135503043167317_428544394_nThe capital of BiH in a symbolic way paid tribute to the victims of terrorist attacks that occurred several days ago in Brussels and recently in Ankara and Istanbul. The City Hall was lit in colors of the flags of Belgium and Turkey.

City Administration of the City of Sarajevo decided to pay tribute to the victims of terrorist attacks which terrified Turkey and Belgium, and entire Europe as well, by lighting one of the most representative buildings in BiH in colors of national flags of Belgium and Turkey.

In this way, Sarajevo joins the campaign of world metropolises with the aim of supporting the citizens and authorities of the affected countries in the fight against terrorism.

In the terrorist attack that occurred recently in the center of Istanbul four people were killed and over 30 were injured. In the attacks which took place at the airport and metro in Brussels two days ago 31 people were killed, while over 250 were injured. ISIL assumed responsibility for the attacks.

Following these attacks, safety measures in the majority of European countries have been raised to the highest level. Numerous officials condemned the monstrous terrorist attacks and announced a more determined fight against terrorism.

(Source: klix.ba)

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