Sarajevo: On this day Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Madrasah opened

medresaGazi Husrev-bey’s Madrasah (High school) is the oldest educational institution in B&H. It was established on the 26th of Rajab 943 AH (the 8th of January 1537 according to the Gregorian calendar).

Its founder is the grandson of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II, the most famous governor and benefactor to B&H Gazi Husrev-Bey, whose Vakufnama is permanent organizational and program basis of work of this school. It was known as Kursumli madrasah after lead domes which were covering it (Kursumlija). Its original name Selcuklija was after Gazi Husrev-Bey’s mother, Turkish Princess from the Selcuk sultanate, in whose honor this madrasah was built, according to Historija.ba.

Thank to founders wisdom, who stated in the Vakufnama of the school that besides spiritual and traditional sciences, should also be studied “everything that is necessary due to the custom and the place”, Gazi Husrev-Bey’s madrasah was always in the full scientific pedagogical harmony with the circumstances and the time in which it operated. Gazi Husrev-Bey madrasah was attended by thousands of Bosniak ulema (scholars), imams, Hatibs and muallims (teachers), muftis, hafiz (person who memorized the whole Qur’an) as well as famous philosophers, artists and scientists.

Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Madrasah is operating today as a high school. Education lasts for four years. Classes are held on the Bosnian language and according to the curriculum adopted by Islamic Community of B&H, and which is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of CS. The graduates of Gazi Husrev-Bey Madrasah can continue their education at any university in B&H as well as in many universities abroad, especially in Islamic world.

Madrasah is a boarding school type of high school, and as a rule, all students live in a boarding school which, besides regular classes, offers a variety of extra-curricular activities through the different sections, clubs and circles to its students. School chorus is particularly affirmed in this regard, and they have 10 recorded audio and video tapes with islamic spiritual songs, as well as the School newspaper “Zemzem”, which has been published continuously since 1968. Gazi Husrev-Bey’s Madrasah operates as a unified school with female and male department.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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