Sarajevo recognized as a Tourist Destination during Ramadan

Muslims from Arab countries are often travelling during Ramadan, unlike Muslims of BiH who prefer to stay in their places during this holy month and to practice religion in a traditional way with Ramadan gatherings, visits to mosques and family iftars.

But, a different mentality and tradition saved a tourism in Sarajevo and BiH, since in past two years, Ramadan falls in the peak season.

Five to six years ago, Sarajevo was empty, but with the introduction of various religious programs, that image was changed.

An offer is the most interesting to guests from Turkey and Arab countries.

A spokeswomen of the Tourist community of Canton Sarajevo, Asja Hadziefendic-Mesic said that destinations that are interesting for tourists from a religious aspect were actualized.

Among other things, Sarajevo Ramadan Festival was opened, within which activities were organized at various locations in the city.

Iftar on the Yellow fortress, mosques, libraries, are some of offers that are interesting to our guests“, emphasized Hadziefendic-Mesic.

Sarajevo, but also other cities of B&H, traditionally “live“ until the early morning hours during Ramadan, i.e. until sahur, a time of the beginning of fast. Given that fast lasts around 18 hours, people use evening hours for gatherings, coffees or walks.

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