Sarajevo Waves getting the first Residents

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Activities on the construction of the new settlement Sarajevo Waves at the territory of the Municipality of Ilidža are in full swing and the first building is already getting its first residents.

Construction of the settlement Sarajevo Waves is currently one of the largest construction projects in the Sarajevo Canton. The settlement will consist of six residential-business units with 13 buildings in total.

Completion of the project is expected in five to seven years. The settlement will have around 400 residential units in total and the investment is worth around 50 million BAM. According to the company Compact Invest, the investor in this project, the first stage of the project was entirely completed in March 2016 and it took a year to complete.

“Apartments are ready for moving in and the sale is in progress. Urban consent has been obtained for Sarajevo Waves 2, and the design of the main project is currently in progress. Construction permit has been issued for Sarajevo Waves 6 and the works should commence soon,” said the spokeswoman of the company Compact Invest Damira Šarić-Avdić.

When it comes to other parts of the settlement, the harmonization of projects is in progress and the conceptual design is being made for Sarajevo Waves 5. The settlement Sarajevo Waves was envisaged as a residential-business complex in a natural environment, on the bank of the Željeznica River and with a view on the mountains Igman and Bjelašnica. The settlement will also include a large park with a promenade, several playgrounds, and the facilities will have roof with green surfaces.

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