The collaboration between the Federal Government and the NGO sector in the fight against corruption

In the premises of the Federal Ministry of Justice in Sarajevo a meeting between the Representatives of the Federal Government of B&H and the representatives of NGO’s was held on the topic of collaboration and design of regulations in the fight against corruption.

On behalf of the Federal Government of B&H the Minister of Justice Zoran Mikulić, Advisor for Legislative Affairs  Sanin Pačariz and the Advisor of the Prime Minister of the Federation of B&H Jasenko Muharemagić attended the meeting.

The meeting on behalf of  the NGO’s was attended by the coordinator of the Center for Responsible Democracy – COD Luna Bojan Bajić, director of the project  ”Account” Eldin Karić, the coordinator of the Network of Associations ”Infohouse” Dženana Alađuz and Milica Dalagija from  the CCD Kyodo.

As the representatives of the academic community are concerned, the meeting was attended by doc. Dr. Eldan Mujanović and doc. Dr. D. Datzer from the Faculty of Criminal Justice Sciences in Sarajevo

The representatives of the Government of the Federation introduced the representatives of the NGO sector with the General Plan for the fight against corruption, with special emphasis on the activities of the Government of the Federation in the direction of adopting normative framework in the fight against corruption. The meeting also discussed the possibility to adequately improve the mechanisms to fight corruption through legislation. On this note, they also discussed the two statutory regulations which the Government of the Federation already sent to legislative procedure and the Law on confiscation of property gained by crime and offense, as well as the Law on the suppression of corruption and organized crime.

With these legislative solutions, the Government of the Federation could respond to the growing problem of corruption in our society through a set of laws. Both the representatives of the Government and the NGO’s will work together on fulfilling the task of fighting corruption in Bosnia and Herzegovina. NGO representatives also support the efforts of the Government of the Federation in the implementation of activities under the General Plan against corruption.

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