A Chinese Company warned about the Purpose of Respirators Weeks before their Procurement in FBiH

A small Chinese medical device company has publicly announced that its respirators are not for use on seriously ill patients in hospitals, a month before the Federation bought those respirators, claiming they are intended for the most severe patients.

It can be confirmed by the Balkan Research Network of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIRN BiH) in a joint survey with the Chinese media The Initium.

When the Prime Minister of the Federation, Fadil Novalic, gotrespirators delivered from China at the Sarajevo airport in April 2020, saying that these were devices from the top of the offer for the treatment of patients with coronavirus, the manufacturer’s position was known for almost a month and is now confirmed since they warned that the treatment of the most difficult patients is not appropriate.

Research in China and BiH showed that the company has confirmed in at least two public announcements that respirators that the Federation will later buy should not be used with severepatients.

Documents and photographs obtained by journalists show the interior of the factory where the respirators were manufactured, how many of them the company sold last year and for how much money.

It was known in March and April 2020, three weeks before the respirators were purchased, or almost a month before that ACM812A respirators were delivered to BiH that these deviceswere not intended for intensive care, that is, they should not be used with critically endangered patients infected with the coronavirus. 

When a journalist in China called the company ”Shanghai Changqi”, which was involved in the procurement business in the Federation, it was noted from the company that they no longer deal with selling respirators.



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