Sarajevo Zoo to begin working on Saturday again


The Pioneer Valley Recreation and Amusement Center will begin working tomorrow morning as the work to clean up the artificial lakes is completed.

For the past ten days, for the safety of guests, this green oasis has been closed to visitors, and numerous construction machines have been working to clean up the sludge and sediment from two artificial lakes located in the central part of the Sarajevo Zoo.

From the bottom of both lakes several tons of cubic meters of sediment and sludge, which had been collected for several decades, were cleared.

Pioneer Valley will operate on a regular schedule and during the holidays. Pioneer Valley’s opening hours during March will be daily from 8am to 6pm.

Pionirska dolina, “Pioneer Valley”, is the oldest zoo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also a recreational and entertainment center, where you feel like a child no matter the actual age, Spottedbylocals portal writes.

I am crazy about animals and I wish there were no zoo centers in the world. I wish all animals were free and living in their natural habitats, but since it is not the case, at least I can give them some attention and care by being there.

The center is divided into corners for different fun activities for children, and all around the center, you can walk and meet different animals.

You can have a ride in the train or a ride in the (electric) car or swing in the park.

During the summer season, there is a garden cafe too.

There is something interesting for everyone.

Visitors can pet animals, take photos or just enjoy the walk on green, peaceful paths interrupted only by the laughter of children or animals asking for attention.

During the January and February of 2012, Pionirska dolina hosted an exhibition of 52 dinosaurs, reconstructed by the German Palaeontological Research Center, under the strict supervision of the Paleontology Museum in Hanover.

All visitors had the chance to enjoy the dinosaurs and take great photos.

The zoo is not that long walk from the city center so you can take a walk but also a taxi or bus, if you prefer, Spotted by Locals portal writes.


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