Memories on the Cable Car on Photos from Family Albums

The exhibition of photos from family albums “Memories (Uspomene)”, which contain Sarajevo cable car, was exhibited along the Saraci Street in the very heart of Bascarsija.

The opening of the exhibition took place yesterday, on the occasion of the opening of Trebevic cable car.

Awards for the best photograph of this exhibition were also handed over, and a three-member jury composed of Tarik Samarah, Samina Tanovic and Kenan Tuzi decided on winners. The President of the City Council Igor Gavric announced the winners of this exhibition.

Thus, the first place went to Zijad Lokvancic, the second to Mirza Ljubuskic, and the third place went to Bakir Saric. Special awards were given to Mumin Saric and Velaga Smajic.

After the awarding ceremony, Mayor Abdulah Skaka and the citizens of Sarajevo walked down the Saraci Street and looked at the exhibition.

Before that, guests and citizens of Sarajevo were socializing at Bascarsija Square with large pot of Vispak’s coffee, which has a capacity of 650 liters. About 8,000 cups of coffee are served from this pot, and it takes about 65 kilograms of coffee for one filling. It was created in the summer of 2004 and it was made by the craft master from Bascarsija, Nasir Jabucar.

Groups Palcici, Divanhana and others took part in the program as well.



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