Sarovic: We will sanction Everyone who hinders the Integrity of Republika Srpska

SDS President Mirko Sarovic stated that, after the last decision of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Valentin Inzko, it is obvious that the political crisis will last, which is why it is necessary to make smart moves.

Sarovic told SDS members that it would be inadmissible if SDS did not agree to talks with the ruling parties on the issue of the imposed parts of the BiH Criminal Code by the High Representative.

“We were even the creators of the idea of ​​the session of the RS National Assembly. On our initiative, it was decided to change the Criminal Code of Republika Srpska in its provisions, to punish violations of the reputation of RS. We will sanction all those who attack the integrity of Republika Srpska. It will be a wise answer, in accordance with the law, so maybe some others who are rejoicing over this situation that RS is facing today will understand that this is not the way to the betterment of BiH, “said the SDS president.

He pointed out that this whole process will not stop at these two measures, because it is obvious that the political crisis will last and that is why it is necessary to make smart moves that will protect Serbian interests, the SDS announced.

“These decisions cannot be made only by SDS or PDP or DNS, but we should all participate in the process of protecting the interests of Republika Srpska. SDS as a party has suffered many sanctions from the High Representative. Our views, unlike some other parties, have not changed. These others have now expressed their readiness to come together on this issue. If they betray the given word, it will be shown quickly. When the conditions for the work of the BiH Parliament are met, we will talk to political parties from FBiH and there will be a significant uniform position of political parties from RS “, concluded Sarovic.

Sarovic pointed out that the SDS, when it comes to the Republika Srpska, is ready to cooperate with everyone, but asks the SNSD not to run its party campaign on this issue, signing petitions under the SNSD flag, because “it is not ok if they want this to be a joint project “, Klix.ba writes.

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