SARTR: Puppet play ”Odkamena priča”

On Tuesday, 22 January, at 6 p.m., in Sarajevo War Theatre (SARTR), as a part of children’s program, the audience will have the opportunity to watch a puppet show ‘‘Odkamena priča” (Story from the Stone). The show is intended for children from 3rd to 7th grade of Primary school.

The director of this puppet show is Dubravka Zrnčić-Kulenović, and the text was written by Ljubica Ostojić. “Odkamena priča” is a story about Zlatorog, Gorčin and Kosara, an old legend that talks about human greed, or the wish to be glorious and self-sufficient, regardless of consequences.

The acting cast of puppet show:  Sonja Goronja, Adnan Kreso and Jasminka Požek-Božuta.

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