The Second Business Leadership Conference met all Expectations

Business Leadership ConferenceOn the 9th of March 2017, in Sarajevo was held the second Business Leadership Conference, at which participated more than 300 people, brave leaders, both local and regional, and all of that was aimed at motivation, spreading positive and successful business stories, in order to be the best possible version of ourselves.

Three months of work on the conference, campaign, and promotion of reliability resulted in a great and realistic, untold stories, which encouraged all attendees emotionally or motivationally to be the best examples in their work and environment, and to build every relationship on trust.

Topics that marked the second Business Leadership Conference are personal experiences of lecturers, and they send a clear and strong message on how to be a real leader, a mentor and an example to follow.

Discussion on the panel, which certainly caused a great reaction of everyone present, was held by brilliant young and successful leaders from BiH including Igor Todorovac, Nikola Markovic, Erol Mujanovic and Ika Ferrer Gotic, and it was an excellent introduction to a lecture that marked the entire conference.

Namely, Tomislav Cvitanusic, a motivational speaker, closed the conference and he delighted everyone with his story and caused the most beautiful emotions, and it was about leadership and confidence of the team. The story of ” Tom and Mujce ”, a blind young man who made his dream come true, became a role model to many other people, ran his first half marathon, overcome his fears and trusted to his mentor.

“Those who seek for the goal, remain empty when they reach it, and those who seek the way to it will constantly have the aim in themselves,” quoted Tomislav Cvitanusic at the end of his presentation.

The conference was ended with awarding of the “Star of prudential reliability” awards for prudentially reliable companies, which were awarded by representatives of the “LRC” from Sarajevo, the general partner of the conference.


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