Serbian President: Serbia allocates One Million Euros for Drvar

Upon his arrival in Drvar, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that one million euros had been transferred to Republika Srpska from Serbia on Friday to invest in major projects of interest to citizens, including water supply, and to settle debts that the municipality could not cover.

“I am very happy to be here. Someone told me that none of the Serbian princes, kings, then the president, the prime minister … had ever come to Drvar since the Berlin Congress. I am happy to be here, and that we could do little to help, “Vucic said.

Part of the million euros donated by Serbia to Drvar, or 75,000 Euros, will be given for unpaid payments to mothers with three or more children, and to address similar problems.

“The rest will be invested in the most important projects. We have asked people to submit projects. We are ready from Belgrade to invest in Drvar and that money will be used in the best way,” Vucic said. “Serbia will be with you much more than before,” Vucic concluded, news portal reports.

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