Sigmund Nemeti for ‘Sarajevo Times’: Interest of Austrian Companies in BiH is Still Big

NEMETIThe trade section of the Austrian Embassy in BiH organizes manifestations at regular intervals, aimed at the convergence of the BIH market with Austrian companies.

The Trade Advisor for the Austrian Embassy to BiH Sigmund Nemeti confirmed for portal ‘Sarajevo Times’ that during this year they have successfully implemented the manifestation “”Sondiranje tržišta- Sjeveroistočna Bosna“ (Sounding of the market of Northeast Bosnia), and „Sondiranje tržišta-Hercegovina“ (Sounding of the market of Herzegovina).

In a written statement for our portal, he announced that on 27 June a manifestation called “Sondiranje tržišta u Sarajevu” will be held, in which the focus will be energy and the environment.

“On this occasion, the Austrian companies in this branch will present their technologies to potential partners from BiH. It is precisely in this area that Austria has the knowhow that BiH could be of great benefit’’, said Nemeti.

He also confirmed that the interest of Austrian companies for BiH is still big.

“There is an increased interest for lohn business in the machine industry. In the fall of this year we are planning a specialized manifestation on this topic, which will be held in Zenica”.

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