Six Years Imprisonment for Jasmin Keserovic for Organizing a Terrorist Group

On 26 July 2021, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina sent out a second-instance Judgment of 8 June 2021 in the case of Jasmin Keserovic, upholding the first-instance Judgment of the Court of BiH of 25 February 2021.

Under the first-instance Judgment of the Court of BiH, the accused Jasmin Keserovic was found guilty of the criminal offense of Organizing a Terrorist Group under Article 202d Paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Court imposed a compound sentence of imprisonment on the accused Jasmin Keserović for a term of six years. The time that the accused spent in pre-trial custody from 19 December 2019 onwards shall be credited towards the imposed sentence of imprisonment.

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