Soon the law on protected landscape of the Trebević Mountain

After adopting the Law on Proclamation of Protected Landscape of the Trebević Mountain which will soon be on the agenda of Sarajevo Canton Assembly, this landscape should have its pre-war splendour back, writes ‘Oslobođenje’.

The purpose of the Law is to put the area under protection of the law since the area is marked with geo-morphological, hydrological and bio diversity, as well as with important cultural and historical values.

Also, with the adoption of this law, apart from protection of natural heritage, institutional management over the entire area will be established, and continued surveillance and control of access inside the protected area.

Infrastructure of utilities will also be rehabilitated, as well as, public areas, and objects, all in order to improve the development of tourism, sports and recreation.

Because of it priceless natural value, Trebević, will after the laws are enacted, become once again tourist spot and favourite picnic place for citizens of Sarajevo, just as it used to be, and it will especially be so, after the cable car starts working.

‘Proclaiming Trebević protected area will serve to protect the diversity of landscape and habitats of various species and ecosystems, it will stop using the land and it will stop other actions which do not serve to protect. The area will be suitable for recreation and tourism, scientific and educational activities, and the participation of the public in their protection is of great importance. Landscape of Trebević is in the area of Stari Grad Sarajevo Municipality and it encompasses protected area of 398 hectares which is divided in three zones, the second being the largest’, explained assistant of Sarajevo Canton Minister for Environment Protection Zijada Krvavac.


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