Spiric is Candidate for the Nobel Prize?

Nikola SpiricThe satirical message of activists that are gathered around a group of “Revolt BL” invited citizens over social networks to sign a petition to “support Spiric’s candidacy” for the most prestigious international award next weekend at Krajina Square.

“We are waiting for our second Nobel Prize winner, Ivo Andric’s successor, for 42 years,  and there is no better candidate for this than Nikola Spiric,” as stated in the satirical message.

Their goal is to collect one million signatures and send them to the address of the Nobel committee because according to them, he really deserves it.

With this activity, they want to remind the public that Nikola Spiric (SNSD), former Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, bought a luxury apartment in Vienna worth 400,000 EUR during his term of office, and as he said to investigators of SIPA, he got the money from the sale of books.

Members of Revolt announced that “the hostess at the checkpoint for collecting signatures” will be Milorad Dodik, Zeljka Cvijanovic, Emir Kusturica, Miroslav Lazanski and “other prominent figures”.

Of course, they will not come to the Square, but it is expected that activists masked in Dodik, Cvijanovic or Kusturica will be there, as reported by Blic.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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