BiH got Three New Cities?

CazinCazin, Gorazde, and Livno are new cities in the FBiH, as decided at the 20th session of the House of Peoples of the FBiH.

This decision was made around 15 days after the draft laws, which were established by the Government of FBiH, and according to which the municipalities of Cazin, Livno, and Gorazde need to be administratively declared as cities, were supported in the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the FBiH.

A decision on declaring new cities were adopted unanimously, with a total of 39 votes of representative, without any further discussion and explanations.

After the publication in the Official Gazette of the FBiH these municipalities formally became cities, and thus the number of official cities in BiH was increased to 15.

This practically means that Cazin, Gorazde, and Livno will now have a mayor and city council, which will replace the existing municipal structures, but they will also get new statutes, according to which the functioning of cities will be determined.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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