Start of Production of Wool Insulation in BiH from September

wool“BH company “Wool Line Sarajevo” will start production of insulation made of sheep wool in the new production facility in Hadzici from September,” said director of Wool Line Sarajevo, Bahrudin Bojcic.

According to him, this will contribute to the solution of environmental and financial problems of exploitation of wool as a valuable and cost-effective resource.

“Insulating materials made of sheep wool represent the future of the construction, which was already proved in Switzerland and Austria. Sheep wool is suitable for thermal insulation of attics, walls and floors,” stated Bojcic.

Wool in BiH has diverse quality and no finesse of the fiber that is needed for making sweaters or similar products. Therefore, it is ideal for insulation, because it does not need to have softness, but it is important that the wool is 100 % properly treated and processed.

“In the next season of sheep shearing, we will need the entire source of raw sheep wool in the territory of BiH, and it ranges from about 1,500 to 2,000 tons of unwashed wool. The plan is to purchase the entire quantity of raw materials from the territory of BiH from April to August 2017,” said Bojcic.

With the production of wool insulation from BiH, we will export natural insulating materials, which is better than styrofoam and glass wool.

The insulation properties of sheep wool are the same as for mineral wool, but during the construction of the house that is designed for mineral wool, sheep wool can be installed in place of the mineral wool without any need to create any kind of compromise in terms of thermal properties.

So far, they are producing wool products, such as pillows, quilts and mattresses, and they are mostly exported to Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Bojcic admits, these are not “megalomanic exports” having in mind that it is important that clients are satisfied and want to re-order products.

“The best confirmation for this is the business growth of Wool Line, which is increasing year after year,” said director of Wool Line Sarajevo, Bahrudin Bojcic.


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