Status of Women in BiH is Theme of Panel at Center for Transantlantic Relations SAIS in Washington

The Center for Transantlantic Relations SAIS held a discussion panel centered on the status of women in BiH, where the board member of the Bosnian-American Foundation (ABF) Dijana Duvnjak presented the position of women in our society.

The Ambassador of BiH to the US, Jadranka Negodić, said in her welcome speech that women are not adequately represented in politics and business.

In her presentation, Duvnjak showed that women in BiH face similar problems as women elsewhere, but that they have specific obstacles that are related to the social opportunities that characterize a post-war patriarchal society.

BiH has a good institutional platform to promote gender equality and legislature, which provides a space to recognize the human rights of women. There needs to be more work done on the education of women in recognizing their rights and opportunities.

The organization of an international conference in Sarajevo at the end of 2013 was announced at this panel. With its partners, they will work on improving the position of women in BiH society, with a mission to empower young women to take a leading role in professional, political and public spheres.


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