Story about the first Victim of the Siege of Sarajevo Ramo Biber

The guard of the Trebevic cable car, Ramo Biber, was the first victim of the aggression on the city of Sarajevo and he was killed on March 2, 1992. The cable car was devastated shortly after his death, and today, 26 years later, the symbol of the capital city of BiH will be brought back to life with Ramo’s name.

The Trebevic cable car will be put into operation on April 6. The Upper station of the cable car, as decided by the councillors of Sarajevo, was named after Ramo Biber. The board with his name will be set up at the Upper station.

Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka, noted that the City Council of the City of Sarajevo last year made a decision to name the Upper station of Trebevic cable car after Ramo Biber, a man who was a real hero and tried to defend one of the largest symbols of Sarajevo.

Ramo was killed on his workplace, as a worker of the PUC GRAS. He was securing the Trebevic cable car and taking care of the fire protection on the day when a larger group of armed people started besieging the Upper station. That day, Ramo was accompanied by the operator of the cable car Abdulah Rizvanovic. Abdulah managed to stay alive while trying to escape from enemies that surrounded them, but Ramo was killed.

According to Abdulah, the soldiers who attacked them were wearing camouflage uniforms and they were armed with automatic rifles. They stated to be members of the special military unit from Rajlovac. However, after they realized that their lives are in danger, Abdulah and Ramo started running through the forest. They ran and rolled in their attempt to escape, while Serbian soldiers were trying to shoot them. Ramo got wounded.

Although he tried to get up and keep running, his enemies found and shot him. Ramo’s body was found near the seventh pillar of the Trebevic cable car.

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