Streets of Sarajevo full of Tourists

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]These days, the BiH capital became a haven for many tourists who arrived from all parts of the world.

One might say that Sarajevo has a special energy, especially these days. The largest film review which is in progress gathered many stars, and gave unbelievable film achievements to the lovers of film art.

Nevertheless, Sarajevo Film Festival is not the only and the biggest magnet for tourists. Exceptional natural resources, green oases and parks, as well as rich culture and history and architecture, are just some of the reasons why Sarajevo is full of tourists from all over the world these days.

On the streets you will most frequently see tourists from Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, who enjoy every step of the capital. They find the old town, Baščaršija, the most attractive part of Sarajevo, as well as many mosques, and you will often see them enjoy the natural beauties of Sarajevo.

Nice and sunny weather is another reason why the streets of Sarajevo and gardens are full of people.


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