The National Museum of B&H to open its Doors on September 15th !

National Museum Reopening radiosarajevo.baThe National Museum of B&H should reopen its doors on September 15th 2015, after three years.

The director of the National Museum of B&H Adnan Busuladzic stated that it is still being waited for money from the Canton, the Federation and the Council of Ministers, hoping that the money will be available next week and that the doors of the Museum will finally be reopened for the public on September 15th.

An amount of 1.5 million BAM should be paid to the National Museum of B&H, which is approximately a half of the amount of the previous debt which is needed for the settlement of obligations, including the salaries to the employees of this institution.

“It is enough to move this institution from the standstill, with the hope that the memorandum, which is announced to be signed in ten days or so, will take hold in full capacity by 2016, and that it will round up the financial construction which should cover the basic activities for the functioning of the museum”, said Busuladzic, once again reiterating that the Museum must be an institution on the budget, just like everywhere in the world.

The biggest credits for the opening of the Museum, according to Busuladzic, go to the Minister of Civil Affairs Adil Osmanovic, who with “his enormous efforts led to the Museum leaving the impasse in which it found itself”.

Besides him, Busuladzic stated that the Council of Ministers, the Federal Government, the Government of the Sarajevo Canton, and the US Embassy, which has made great efforts in the diplomatic struggle for knocking off this problem and finding a solution, are all responsible for the opening of the Museum.

The activities on reviving the Museum have been in progress since January this year; therefore this is just a logical sequence of events and a result of months-long activities. The activity “I am Museum” should also be mentioned, that drew the attention of the public to all the problems this institution is faced with by unique duties at the Museum.

(Source: photo radiosarajevo)

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