”Student march to Rome”: SPUS and ”Centrotrans” organized another successful student trip

Twenty-three buses and 1.250 students from Sarajevo headed today for another ”Student march” to Rome. In the next few days they will have an opportunity to visit Rome and all its beauties.

From the organizational point of view this is a very complex project which is being realized in the collaboration of ”Centrotrans” and Student Parliament of the University of Sarajevo (SPUS). In previous two student ”marches”, students from Sarajevo visited Prague and Berlin.

After the ”Student march” to Bjelašnica this project attracted even more students who applied and will be spending these next six days enjoying the great program which the ”Centrotrans” Agency prepared for them.

An affordable offer to students is something that made this project most popular. Students are escorted with 30 tourist guides, auto-mechanics as well as other guides, reported from ”Centrotrans Eurolines”.



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