Success of young BiH businesswoman Sana Alajmović

Twenty six year old Sana Alajmović, born in Olovo, who lives in Sweden from 1992, last week according to Swedish most prestigious business newspapers ”Veckans Affarer” was placed among the 101 most successful super talent in the field of business of Sweden.

She was placed 73rd according to the estimate of the newspaper editorial.

Alajmović graduated from School of Economics, and later she finished Psychology and Philosophy at the Stockholm University, and she worked for many Swedish business branches in the USA, and last year she organised a summit that brings together greatest finance leaders of the World.

She’s currently working as a Head of Development of ‘Nanologica AB’, and her life goal is to incorporate BiH in her business plans.

She said that everything she does is for the prosperity of society, of BiH refugees in Sweden and for prosperity of BiH, and for that it is very important that BiH Diaspora is in the centre of political and economic decisions.

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