Take a Look at how the Settlement ‘New Ilidza’ will look like

new ilidzaResidential settlement, residential areas, business centers, parks, walking trails and much more futuristic-looking content could change the appearance of the Sarajevo municipality of Ilidza in the near future. In the green oasis of Sarajevo, on the right bank of the Zeljeznica River and under the Igman Mountain, the construction of modern settlement “New Ilidza” is taking place, whose value is estimated to 4 billion BAM!

Municipal Council previously made a decision on the preparation of the Regulatory plan “New Ilidza 1”, on the area of 42.3 hectares, “New Ilidza 2”, on 23 hectares and the regulatory plan “New Ilidza 3” that will occupy the area of 53.7 hectares.

According to the Mayor Memic, “New Ilidza” will be a modern settlement for 40,000 residents that will cover the right bank of the Zeljeznica River from thermal Riviera until the entity line with Vojkovici.

The project is offering sustainability, different contents, the new quality housing, regional business centers, luxury apartments and hotels, parks and walking trails.


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