Take a Look at the historic Performance of Bosnian Skier Elvedina Muzaferija in Austria (video)




Bosnia-Herzegovina’s top skier twenty-years-old Elvedina Muzaferija today wrote down the history of BiH skiing by winning the first points for Bosnia-Herzegovina in the World Cup skiing run at the Austrian Altenmarkt-Zauchensee.

After the first run, the BiH skier was 31st, mostly due to the fact that as many as 16 skiers did not reach the finish line, but nevertheless she managed to finish the race in the second run and thus write down the history of the sport.


Muzaferija finished first with a time of 1: 18,40, which was 4.6 seconds behind Italian winner Federica Brignone, while she finished second with a time of 54.30. Overall, Elvedina finished 2: 12.70, 9.35 seconds behind Federica Brignone, news portal reports.




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