Take a Look at the Section of the Highway from Zenica to Nemila (Video)

The continuation of the construction of the highway A1 from Zenica to the north implies the construction of the section Nemila – Zenica North, which is more than 17 kilometers long. The Highways of the FBiH published a visual representation of the future road.

This section is divided into four sub-sections, and the video shows the section up to the border of the Municipality of Zenica. Excavators should be on the most of the section by the end of the year.

The first sub-section from the direction of Zenica is the section Donja Gracanica – Zenica North – tunnel Zenica, which is 3,9 km long. It will be constructed over the village of Donja Gracanica, and it will include tunnel Hum, with the length of 400 meters, two shorter viaducts and tunnel Vraca, in the length of 300 meters. The loop Zenica North will be constructed within this section as well. The tender was announced at the beginning of the year, but there is no information about the exact beginning of the construction.

The section Ponirak – Vraca is 2.6 kilometers long, but it is one of the most expensive ones since it cost around 160 million BAM. The main reason for its high cost is the construction of the tunnel “Zenica” in the length of 2.4 kilometers. A total of 50 million EUR was provided from the EIB. The beginning of the works is expected in the summer since the project is completed, and expropriation is at around 93 %.

The sub-section Vranduk – Ponirak, which will cost about 100 million BAM (49 million EUR are already provided by OFID) will be continued on that road and its project is not completed yet. Moreover, expropriation is at about 74 %. The first works on its length of 5.3 kilometers are expected to take place after the month of August 2018.

The end of the section will be at the subsection Nemila – Vranduk. It is around 5.7 kilometers long and its value is around 70 million BAM (provided by KFAED). The process of project preparation is at 70 %, while the expropriation itself has not started yet. From the Highways of FBiH noted that they are hoping that the construction will start this autumn.

Take a look at the video:




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