Tamara and Zoran: The Duo who creates amazing Marvels!

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Tamara Vranjevac and Zoran Tomic from Zvornik are graduate economists, but after working hours they invest all their creativity in the creation of jewelry and accessories.

Interesting and unusual jewelry called MIX is available for four year already, and with imagination, love and effort, this duo creates different marvels.

I noticed on your Facebook profile that you have really beautiful embroideries, can you say for the Sarajevo Times when you started to do this work?

Nakit Mix recently celebrated its fourth birthday. Just like every beginning is hard, the same was with us. We had more free time than now and our desires and goals were high. We were afraid of how people will accept our work, but when we published pictures for the first time it showed that we were afraid for no reason.

“We are proud of the fact that over 5.000 products from our creative atelier found their owner by now, and that number continuously grows day by day”, Vranjevac said.

According to the customers, what they are distinct for are the impressive, romantic neclaces, although they also create earrings, bracelets, hair accessories, bow ties, watches etc. by request.

Can you say how much time do you need to make one necklace?

For one necklace we need two and a half hours. Firstly we do preparation of every component separately, and then we combine them. And in the time for production I don’t count the time that is needed for designing of necklace, finding the right material, photo shooting, or combining the right outfit for each part of jewelry, etc.

Are there two identical necklaces or other piece of jewelry, or all of them are unique?

Every piece of jewelry is different and special in its own way. As much as we try to make the same as someone wishes, it sometimes happens that we do not have two same buttons or pendants, so it is not possible for the two pieces to be exactly the same.

After a months-long preparation of new items, finally comes the moment when all that hard work and devotion is to be graded by our faithful customers. After time spent on photo shooting, it takes us a little more time to organize the photos. The moment when we press “publish” and just sitting there and waiting to see the first reactions of our buyers is the most precious moment that forces me to find inspiration for the next edition of Jewelry Mix.

“When creating jewelry, we are trying to use as varied materials as possible, such as interesting fibers, buttons, lace, crystals, pearls, ropes, chains, and metal decorations and connectors, and all of that is complemented with the application of different techniques, where decoupage dominates”, explained Vranjevac and added that their jewelry is specific for the vintage and retro note, which is the basic characteristic of the MIX jewelry.

“The jewelry is intended for romantic, stylish ladies who wish to differ from the stereotypes and patterns which are overflooding our streets. Beauty, style, uniqueness of design do not recognize borders, therefore we send our orders to all the cities not only in B&H, but abroad as well. More than 40 percent of deliveries are sent abroad, where Serbia dominates, and recently we have been sending deliveries to Croatia more often also”, said Vranjevac.

The plan of this duo is the expansion of production and a larger workshop which will house all the trinkets and details they have collected for future orders. Interesting fact is that the promotion and sale are being conducted via social network Facebook.

“To start a business like this and survive on Facebook market all these years is a lot harder than you can imagine. In less than two years of existence we have earned trust of 5.000 Facebook friends, which is a maximum number of friends for one Facebook profile. We endeavor to retain that trust, and we also have a large number of followers who actively follow our posts and collect MIX products just like souvenirs from vacations”.

Interview by Zejna SY

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