The Construction of the future State Prison in full Expansion

State Prison Construction sa-c.netNearly a year after the official beginning of works, the construction of the future Institute for Execution of Criminal Sanctions is in full expansion. All objects where the most serious convicts and prisoners of the Court of B&H will be situated are already visible on the terrain, said the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Justice of B&H Marina Bakic.

It was stated that all works on the complex of the future state prison are being executed in full capacity and that the construction of this high-security institution goes as planned.

Bakic pointed out that favourable weather conditions are being used to the maximum for additional speed-up of the dynamics of construction and that works are currently being executed on all ten facilities of the prison complex, as well as on the completion of the exterior and access roads.

Besides the main contractor (the Czech-Spanish consortium OHL ZS), companies of the domestic sub-contractors are also helping in the process of constructing the structures of the facilities.

Bakic added that the final forms can already be seen on certain facilities, roof construction is being completed… The preparations have already begun, such as the setting and placement of the rough installations of sophisticated safety systems of the prison, which fall within the most complicated types of works.

(Source: klix.ba)

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