The 17th Peace March from Sarajevo towards Srebrenica started

The association “Witnesses of their time” started yesterday the tenth “Peace March Sarajevo – Nezuk – Srebrenica”, entitled “March in memory of the genocide victims of the United Nations (UN) protected zone”.

First, symbolically, they gathered in front of the Memorial to the Murdered Children of besieged Sarajevo in 1992-1995 and laid flowers.

They started an eight-day journey of more than 280 kilometers, which will be walked in memory of several thousand Srebrenica citizens who crossed the nearly 100-kilometer road in July 1995 to find salvation in Tuzla.

While respecting all epidemiological measures, they decided to limit the number of participants this year as well.

A total of 18 participants from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and friends from Turkey headed from Sarajevo to Potocari.

The march was organized in the honor of the innocent citizens killed in Srebrenica, but also those from the places they will visit along the way.

The goal is clear, and that is to never repeat to anyone what happened to the people of Srebrenica, Podrinje, and the whole of BiH.

According to the plan, the participants will spend the night on the mountains Ozren, Ponijeri, Javorje, Jelovo brdo and will arrive in Nezuk on Wednesday, July 7th, to join the traditional Peace March Nezuk – Potocari 2021 a day later, Radio Sarajevo writes.

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