Chairman of B&H Presidency Received Letters of Credence of Indian Ambassador Malaya Mishre

komsic_indijaThe Chairman of B&H Presidency Željko Komšić received today in Sarajevo the letters of credence of the Indian Ambassador for B&H, Malay Mishre, announced the Presidency.

It was stressed during the meeting that B&H and India have good, historical and close friendly relations for decades.

The establishment of diplomatic relation between the two countries in 1995 have opened possibilities for cooperation in all fields.

At the meeting opinions were exchanged about the improvement of cooperation in the field of economy and investments, but also in culture, education, sport and other aspects of cooperation.

The Ambassador highlighted that India has invested more than 300 million dollars in B&H, with a special emphasis on investments in the steel industry, where Indian companies have hired more than 3.000 people from B&H.

Ha also said that B&H has great potentials that can attract Indian investors. He stated that during his long diplomatic work he has never encountered such opportunities for economic cooperation and investment such as in B&H.

He expects a lot from his mandate as Ambassador in B&H and hopes on the support of all the levels of B&H government.

(Source: Fena)

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