The Conference “Open Doors for Children in B&H” Today

H&H_MASTER_LOGO_(BLACK_CMYK)The conference on the deinstitutionalization of child protection in B&H titled Open doors for children in B&Hwill be held today in Sarajevoon the occasion of Children’s Week”, which is celebrated until 7th October.

The initiator and the host of the conference is the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, and the organizer is Hope and Homes for Childrenin B&H, in partnership with UNICEF, “Save the Children“, “SOS Children’s Villages in B&H”, “World Vision” and “SUMERO” Alliance of organizations for support to people with intellectual disabilities in the FB&H.

The conference is organized within the campaign of DE-institutionalization of child protection. Hope and Homes for Children” and “Eurochild” are leaders of the action “Open Doors for Children towards Europe” at the level of the European Union and 12 European countries, is released from the Office of Government for Public Relations in FB&H.

The main objective of the campaign is to provide more resources to the process of de-institutionalization from the funds of the EU and from the budgets of the countries participating in the campaign.

(Source: Fena)

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